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Hey, Yuka...!

Word around the Base is that it's someone's birthday today. Know anyone who's turning a year older? I think they'll need something really special; what do you think?

(Attached: Piddomon's Staff)

Let me know what the birthday girl thinks of it, okay? ^^
(quiet laugh is heard)

Something amusing, Ash?

Kinda...! Remember the time I found out I was the Chosen One and had to save the world back in the Orange Islands?


Ha! Not that hard to forget, since I ended up battling an Articuno quite some time later.

That was when I started out my quest to conquer the Battle Frontier, but I'm glad you both remember what happened. Anyway, my mom showed up when it was all over with Professor Oak, was worried sick about me and suggested that I try saving the world a little bit closer to home next time. Guess a certain Digital tree decided otherwise, huh?

True, but if you hadn't been chosen to come here you wouldn't have been reunited with old friends, made new ones, and met...her.

Of course not, but...I know my mom's doing alright back home in Pallet Town. And I know she believes in me when it comes to whatever journey I'm on. I'll do my best to help out here, and get back home to conquer the Sinnoh region before getting back to Pallet Town.

...No need to bring up what she USED to say to me, right Pikachu?


Hey, Dawn...! Someone I know's got a birthday today, right? So, from one Trainer to a Coordinator, happy birthday!

Ash managed to get this taken care of nearly 24 hours ago!Collapse )

Let me know if you wanna do anything tomorrow for your anniversary! Pikachu's up for anything that doesn't involve Team Rocket!
...I think we need to stay away from certain people for a while! As long as you guys are wearing my clothes!

Pikachu...! Really, Ash? What makes you say that?

Charizard...! ...Do you have to ask a question with such an obvious answer, Pikachu?!

Yeah, I do Charizard! Ash shouldn't have to avoid his friends! They won't mind that this has happened to us; it's happened to everyone else, right?

Calm down, you two...! We'll figure something out! I'm suddenly glad they can't use their attacks on each other-WHOA!! (loud thud is heard as Ash is thrown into nearby wall by Charizard since he can't use his main attack)

Guess that Charizard's still got his regular strength even if he can't use Flamethrower...or Baby Flame...!

Oh, Ash...!

...Ever since that 'special day,' it's been running through your mind for weeks! Why not admit it to yourself?

'Cause that was when I was affected by a virus! It's not gonna happen again!

Unless it's with your girlfriend. But, you've gotta admit-her mistletoe's got the right idea!


Yeah! But, instead of going with that blond girl, since it sounds like her brother will kill you if you tried anything else, try that Zoey chick you know. She seems reaaaaaaally capable of handling whatever you can-!

You're CRAZY! Zoey and I are just friends, not to mention she's still thinking hard about how she feels toward Dawn!

That's IT! What about Dawn? She'll need someone to comfort her when Zoey leaves her hanging, and you could be that guy!

...Now I know you've lost it! Dawn doesn't see me in that way at all! Besides, Dawn and Zoey are still gonna be friends no matter what happens.

That's what you say. Alright-what about either Misty or May, or even that Melody girl?

...Neither Misty or May are here! And it's a good thing too, 'cause I think they'd tear you to pieces if they heard this!

And, what about Melody? I'm serious, Ketchum-a threesome's the way to go...! (suddenly screams as it's hit with a gigantic Baby Flame attack)

...Thanks, Charizard. Now, where's a decent place for us to move to that won't have any mistletoe?

No problem. And I thought that 'gentle' Charizard back at the Valley was annoying...!
Alright...! Now that I'm no longer changing everytime Charizard rams into me, I guess that means this virus is over with. But, that's not what I need to talk with everyone about!


^^ Dawn, one of my good friends back home, invited Pikachu, Zoey, our partners and me to a huge dinner at her apartment complex tomorrow, and I was wondering if any of you would be able to come along. It would make her feel right at home, seeing other Trainers from home enjoying themselves at an event as big as this one. Not to mention...she kinda wants to meet you, Yuka. Guess finding out about you has her pretty excited about it.

Let me know what everyone's gonna be doing, okay?

I invited some of the guy Trainers along that I've talked with since I got here, not including James; neither one of you can say that I didn't!

(OOC: First strike locked to Yuka; second strike locked to Melody & Yuka.)
YEAH!!! (sound of excited yell/roar is heard, loud 'Pikaaaaaaaaaa!' is definitely heard)

This is great, Charizard! I didn't think this would actually happen when you tackled me, but I'm glad you waited until I was outside our place to do it.

Ash is actually enjoying this a little bit better than the last ones...wait until he changes back! XDCollapse )

So, Chosen One, how long are you gonna fly around the Base? It's getting pretty close to your bedtime.

A little bit longer. Aren't you having fun flying again? Pikachu's enjoying it, too!

Hello, Yuka! It's me-your guy Ash, and I know things are kinda strange right now but if you've got time on your schedule maybe we could get together for an early breakfast, an unexpected lunch, a late night dinner or maybe even...

Tossing in a little something extra, extra for 'the routi-!'

(Electrical blast is heard as Pikachu hits Ash with a massive Thunderbolt; loud crash is heard seconds later as Ash hits the ground)

...(coughs) Obviously Pikachu figured out what I meant!

You're gonna be locked in the closet until this...virus thing passes, Brock wannabe! Heck, you SURPASSED him months ago when you got the girl and you're gonna screw things up for yourself?! What did you have planned-invite EVERY girl who knew you that's stuck in this world for...?! (starts dragging Ash toward closet-which is locked)

Aw, sh-!

(Connection lost)
Hey, Ash...!

What is is, Agu-Charizard?

Why didn't you mention that your birthday was today? (snickers) Well...yesterday, since it's close to midnight anyway.

Everyone's dealing with other things right now-the Base still needs some fixing up, Takato and the others are trying to keep morale up high at the Bakery and Yuka...

Don't say anything more. Though there's more to your birthday than just turning 16 or whatever.

15, Charizard. I got Pikachu from Prof. Oak on my 10th birthday, and it's been 5 years since then. But, yeah-though Pikachu's more than just my 1st Pokemon; you know that.

Of course. Still...you have to admit it would've been nice if SOMEONE had gotten you something.

Maybe next year...! (eyes widen) Hey-what are you doing with the D-Comm? You didn't have that on, did-?!

(connection interrupted/turned off)
Hey, Zoey!

Kinda heard from a talking Pidgey-not really-that you've talked with a certain Team Rocket member recently.

So...I haven't been keeping up that much with the backlogs lately, but how long has he been here? He told me that it's only been a few weeks and is trying to set up a Team Rocket base somewhere.

Doesn't he know that DATS would be all over him faster than an Ice Beam from Dawn's Buneary? ^^;
Alright, so I found myself training with Yuka and a few of the other Tamers who either lived around Tetha or who are part of my team yesterday morning!

Though, only seeing Yuka and Takeru there only means that the others either didn't feel up to going, or had other plans. Still, it was good to see Takato again.

Didn't really plan on going through training like that, though!

(Locked to Yuka)

Thanks for inviting me out to train, Yuka. Couldn't you have asked me to sit down more politely than you had? ^^;

...Where am I gonna get some condoms in the Digital World, much less in the Base? No way our commanders actually keep them in the bathroom for us to pay for with only a couple BITs!

(OOC: On a normal evening, Ash's strike would be locked. Tonight however...he wasn't thinking; hence the name of the entry. XD)
Takeru...Chika...Ikuto...anyone from Unit 3...!

There's gotta be a way for us to find Yuka, right?! I've lost May...my best friend from back home, Gary...!

I can't lose Yuka the same way I lost my other friends...!
Hey, Yuka...

I know it's really late and all, and I should be in bed...(yawns)...but, think we could meet for breakfast again in the morning to talk? It's about what's gonna happen tomorrow.

I'll try not to oversleep and stuff this time; okay? (laughs faintly, snores lightly as head drops against desk)

(OOC: Let me know if you're up for a post; I'll get one set up when I wake up & get online.)



Um...Yuka? There's something I gotta let you know, and I gotta do it in person. That's good to say, right? ^^;

Yeah...if you're asking to get hit by a mallet.

Come on, Agumon; there's no way Yuka's gonna act like Misty-right?

Hmph. If you say so, Ash.

So, where do you wanna meet? It's your choice!

(OOC: Strikes heard like staticky noise, unable to be understood.)


PokeLog 8: Back To Normal...!

Alright! My clothes can fit me again, basically because I'm back to normal!

Wonder if Yuka would be up for a right-gender date or whatever it's called...^^;

PokeLog 7: Look Into The Pika-Ball...

...Hadn't expected to see Gary back home anytime soon, but I can't really say I didn't expect it. Though I'm glad to see that May's back into the swing of things in Johto, and from what I saw she was on her way to getting her first Ribbon!

So, I take it this means you're appreciative of the present those Wizard Digimon gave us, Ash?

Of course, Agumon; I just hope Yuka enjoys it, too. I also hope she'll reconsider beating them senseless after what happened to us earlier this week! ^^;

Oh, yeah! I enjoyed our date, Yuka; can't wait to have another one with you real soon!

One accidental kiss, and he's a romantic. Figures.

Hey, you were the one who convinced Pikachu to push me into her in the first place!

...Your point? (chuckles lightly at hearing Ash sigh)

(OOC: Strikes readable by only Yuka.)

PokeLog 6: The Return Of...Ashley!

.....Okay, I was originally gonna talk about how excited I was to be a part of DATS, but now.....!

How could something like this have happened?! I don't need to sneak into the Celadon Gym this time; I look exactly like I did when Team Rocket helped me out that same day!

...Pikachu, quit laughing! This is serious! (sighs) That goes for you too, Agumon!

(OOC: Strikes quite hackable.)
.....Well, I can't say that a lot of good things didn't happen at the festival, but the bad things that happened near the end of it kinda balances out.

First, I met this amazing Tamer named Yuka and we hit it off really well. Her dancing reminds me of Melody, but her focus when it comes to battles reminds me of Misty! We spent time together at the exhibit, went to the costume ball, and then we kinda got separated that last day when Hououmon was...what was it called again?

Deleted, Ash. He was deleted.

Oh, yeah. Anyway, during the huge riot that happened, Agumon finally Evolved into Greymon! Though, he fell back on his old habits and tried to roast me with his Mega Flame attack! Yuka told us to head to what she called the Matsuda bakery, so we went, met some other Tamers while we were there...and she never showed up!

You think she'd remember to check and see if I was alright after she suggested I go to this place! The bread isn't bad at all, though. (laughs faintly) Pikachu likes the peanut butter filling in the Guilmon bread.

(OOC: Strikes unreadable.)
...'Cause, seriously, I don't think many of you wanted to know the truth about a Pokemon/Digimon trainer, or anything concerning a certain holiday that happened a week ago.

Pika pi, pikachu pika!

I know, Pikachu; I know. (laughs) Besides, now that everything in Tetha's finally started to calm down somewhat, I'm gonna look for May. I promised her I would wait until things passed over before searching. And I waited for over a week, just to make sure nothing else happened! Charizard's Agumon's gonna stay behind, though.

(snorts) And, why is that...?

...You know May's having a hard time adjusting to being here, and seeing you not looking like you normally look might freak her out.

So, hang tight May-Pikachu and I are on our way to track you down! There's no need to worry!

Pika, pikachu!

...I just said one of Dawn's phrases, didn't I?!

Pikachu... ^^;

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