Ash Ketchum (pallet_townhero) wrote,
Ash Ketchum

PokeLog 14: Ash Is The New Brock...! (Voicepost)

Hello, Yuka! It's me-your guy Ash, and I know things are kinda strange right now but if you've got time on your schedule maybe we could get together for an early breakfast, an unexpected lunch, a late night dinner or maybe even...

Tossing in a little something extra, extra for 'the routi-!'

(Electrical blast is heard as Pikachu hits Ash with a massive Thunderbolt; loud crash is heard seconds later as Ash hits the ground)

...(coughs) Obviously Pikachu figured out what I meant!

You're gonna be locked in the closet until this...virus thing passes, Brock wannabe! Heck, you SURPASSED him months ago when you got the girl and you're gonna screw things up for yourself?! What did you have planned-invite EVERY girl who knew you that's stuck in this world for...?! (starts dragging Ash toward closet-which is locked)

Aw, sh-!

(Connection lost)
Tags: lust!ash is mini!brock, lust!virus
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