Ash Ketchum (pallet_townhero) wrote,
Ash Ketchum

PokeLog 18: The Chosen...Three?! (Accidental Audio)

...I think we need to stay away from certain people for a while! As long as you guys are wearing my clothes!

Pikachu...! Really, Ash? What makes you say that?

Charizard...! ...Do you have to ask a question with such an obvious answer, Pikachu?!

Yeah, I do Charizard! Ash shouldn't have to avoid his friends! They won't mind that this has happened to us; it's happened to everyone else, right?

Calm down, you two...! We'll figure something out! I'm suddenly glad they can't use their attacks on each other-WHOA!! (loud thud is heard as Ash is thrown into nearby wall by Charizard since he can't use his main attack)

Guess that Charizard's still got his regular strength even if he can't use Flamethrower...or Baby Flame...!

Oh, Ash...!
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This is just getting ridiculous.

...I didn't ask for this to happen to my Pokemon! Usually it just happens to me!
/humming I think I'm a Clone Now XD

(OOC: (LOL!) XD)

...well that just takes all the fun out of kidnapping Pikachu.
...Pikachu's wearing one of my old hats if that makes you feel any better.
What, there's three of you now?
...For about a week or so, yeah-there are 3 of me! With different personalities! (laughs nervously)
Actually it does...nostalgia.

Look who I got for a partner...

[Attached: Picture of Duplica mode Palmon]
...Wow! That brings back memories.

Yeah-especially when we imitated Team Rocket after they'd tried capturing Ditto!
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...but only if done right.

Good times though...oh hey help me out for a minute...I can't decide what's more difficult to escape? Team Rocket's gooey bombs or our nets?


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... Wow.

They're not all Ash they're not all Ash, they're not all Ash.

[OOC: Strike = Not there]
...You're not thinking what I think you're thinking, are you?!


What do you think I'm thinking?

[OOC: Strike still not there]
...You're seriously considering doing something with 3 versions of me while this opportunity's staring you right in the face! 'Cause it might not happen again no matter how long we're here in this world!
[locked to Ash]

That almost sounds like you want it to happen.
Three of Ash. I'm so glad Misty isn't here now...

How are you holding up?
Yeah...I'm kinda glad she's not here right now either...!

We're doing alright so far Daisy, but it's kinda weird to see my Pokemon looking exactly like me...and wearing clothes I used to wear back when I was traveling with Misty-and then later on during my Hoenn journey and for a while when I started my journey for the Battle Frontier!
Misty would probably freak at seeing three Ash's. Trust me, big sister knows.

So far Kamemon hasn't been affected by the weird virus, but who knows?
Probably...I'm surprised she's managed to put up with me for so long!

Maybe it's a delayed reaction? least it should be fairly easy to tell all three of you apart.
...That's the only good thing about this.

How are you holding up, Lucario?
I'm not letting this affect me. There's really no reason to be that distraught. It's just a change in perspective.
I miss old school pokemon