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PokeLog 20: Don't Forget To Change Your Underwear...~! (Audio, Locked from Hostiles)

(quiet laugh is heard)

Something amusing, Ash?

Kinda...! Remember the time I found out I was the Chosen One and had to save the world back in the Orange Islands?


Ha! Not that hard to forget, since I ended up battling an Articuno quite some time later.

That was when I started out my quest to conquer the Battle Frontier, but I'm glad you both remember what happened. Anyway, my mom showed up when it was all over with Professor Oak, was worried sick about me and suggested that I try saving the world a little bit closer to home next time. Guess a certain Digital tree decided otherwise, huh?

True, but if you hadn't been chosen to come here you wouldn't have been reunited with old friends, made new ones, and met...her.

Of course not, but...I know my mom's doing alright back home in Pallet Town. And I know she believes in me when it comes to whatever journey I'm on. I'll do my best to help out here, and get back home to conquer the Sinnoh region before getting back to Pallet Town.

...No need to bring up what she USED to say to me, right Pikachu?


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