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PokeLog 3: Old Friends...!

Having to backtrack through lots of journal pages after you've helped take down lots of spider-like Digimon is hard, but it isn't impossible!

Pika pika!

You said it, Pikachu. (thinks, grins) Oh, yeah-Molly! When you have some free time, hope you haven't forgotten about our battle. Camping out with Mikey-and now Gary-is fun, but we're gonna have to think about better arrangements pretty soon.

(looks at entries from newest Tamers, eyes widen) ...When did May get here?

...She's the Coordinator, right?

Yeah-that's her. Wonder if any of her Pokemon changed, too...

PokeLog 2: It's Time To Battle...!

Alright - even though I've been camping out with Mikey for the past few weeks, we've heard about what's been going on with that Queen, the Dokugumon and the random nightmares that others have been having.

Basically, if you guys need our help then we'll be more than happy to lend a hand!


...Charizard? (hears light snoring, groans)

PokeLog 1: New World, Old Friends...!

Yeah, this is my first entry, but it's not easy figuring this thing out when you're trying to understand why your strongest Pokemon changed into a Digimon and your best friend stays the same!

Anyway, if you've seen Mikey's post, then you'll know who I am; for those of you who don't, I'm Ash Ketchum. My best friend is Pikachu, and my Charizard...calls himself Agumon now, but he's still Charizard to me. I'm hanging out with Mikey for a while on top of a floating city, training with Pikachu and Charizard. Still, I noticed something was off with Pikachu's Electric attacks. They aren't as strong as they usually are...I'm surprised any damage is being caused!

Hey, Molly - are you out there?! Mikey said he heard from you at one point, so let me know if you're doing okay! Don't worry; I remember who you are! That whole thing with Unown and the Entei isn't easy to forget.
This journal is now officially part of the digital_dive RPG. Future entries will be specifically for Digital Dive.


005-Personal Journey

Alright...I've had it with being stuck here in this London, and nearly losing it! (I only get this way when it comes to Pikachu, not when it comes to...!)

Anyway, I've decided to make my way to one of these portals, find out where it takes me and look for Misty. She's my friend and I have to make sure she's safe! I know she can handle herself, but...

When it comes to bugs, or bug Pokemon...

004-Seeing the Sights

Not sure if I should be worried about Misty or not. It's been a while since we last got in touch, and I know she can handle herself, but...

On the other hand, this place is kinda incredible! I won't deny that. Still, I wonder what else they have here besides that big clock and these guys that stand around like they're guarding something-or someone-really important.


I know I was told that my friends would be okay, but I haven't heard from Misty in a few days, and I haven't seen Pikachu at all!

I know they can both take care of themselves, but...I don't think there's a Pokemon Center here, or wherever Pikachu's at. I just hope I can get in touch with them soon.

Though, I gotta admit-this is an amazing sight.

Picture of Big BenCollapse )

002-The Dead...

So...the dead are coming back to life. Not a good thing, even if I've had some experience.

Those experiences had to do with Ghost Pokemon, not real life flesh-and-blood people!

I heard from Misty, and found out a little bit about where I'm at-I'm in front of a huge clock that reminds me of Ho-oh's tower in Johto. Apparently, she's on the opposite side and is heading my way. Not sure if that's entirely good yet... Pikachu's somewhere around here too, but I haven't heard from my pal, and that gives me reason to worry even more.

Still, I shouldn't be too worried-at least I know Pikachu and Misty are doing okay, and if I can get a hold of Brock, I can have him call off the search!
This isn't Pallet Town...

I know I lost track of Pikachu, and I was trying to lead a search, but then Misty went missing too!

Where could they be? Matter-of-fact...where am I?