Ash Ketchum (pallet_townhero) wrote,
Ash Ketchum

PokeLog 15: Charizard, I Choose You...! (Voicepost)

YEAH!!! (sound of excited yell/roar is heard, loud 'Pikaaaaaaaaaa!' is definitely heard)

This is great, Charizard! I didn't think this would actually happen when you tackled me, but I'm glad you waited until I was outside our place to do it.

Ash Ketchum - A Bonafide Charizard!

So, Chosen One, how long are you gonna fly around the Base? It's getting pretty close to your bedtime.

A little bit longer. Aren't you having fun flying again? Pikachu's enjoying it, too!

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Ash...! You became a DRAGON?!!

That's so AWESOME! Pikachu, can you try to take some pictures while you're up there?

Pikachu's trying to survive our little flight, but if I can get any pictures of him, I'll send them as soon as possible.
This is so unfair it hurts!
...Let me guess: you turned into the equivalent of an Aipom, didn't you?

I'm pretty sure he'd be hopping around all excited if he had.
(giggles) Actually...he turned into this!

Don't lose this now, okay Ash? Zoey's got one too! ^^

(Attached: Picture of James as rat while being held by Palmon)



A cute Rattata!

Not helpful!
(Attachment: Received)


Hmm. Palmon's right-you should take advantage of this while you can. I'd show Ash, but he's busy circling the northern section of the Base; it's near where he lives with Yuka for now. As for Pikachu...


(Attached: Accidental Thunderbolt attack sent through as a result of an unexpected spin by Dragon!Ash)

...He's still busy trying to survive!
[Attachment: *pops open, d-comm damaged*]



I guess that answers that question, then, if that's you flying around outside the Base!

Yeah, it's me Molly...! I've got Charizard and Pikachu up here too, and they're having a blast!

I don't think Pikachu would agree with you.
Congrats on being awesome Ash!

Hey Yuka! Maybe if I touch you you'll be a dragon too!

Hmm... we can give it a try I guess.

[Tsukaimon touches Yuka... and poof]

... This isn't a dragon.

You're a bunny!

... Figures.
(laughs) Thanks, Yuka...! Wasn't I already awesome in your eyes?

That might've been before a certain number of girls that you've met on your travels decided to show up here!

...I didn't ask for them to show up, you know! (blinks in disbelief as he notices what happened to Yuka)

You're a bunny, Yuka!