Ash Ketchum (pallet_townhero) wrote,
Ash Ketchum

PokeLog 16: Invite To Turkey Day Dinner...! (Locked to Melody, Molly, Zoey, Yuka, Red & Jimmy)

Alright...! Now that I'm no longer changing everytime Charizard rams into me, I guess that means this virus is over with. But, that's not what I need to talk with everyone about!


^^ Dawn, one of my good friends back home, invited Pikachu, Zoey, our partners and me to a huge dinner at her apartment complex tomorrow, and I was wondering if any of you would be able to come along. It would make her feel right at home, seeing other Trainers from home enjoying themselves at an event as big as this one. Not to mention...she kinda wants to meet you, Yuka. Guess finding out about you has her pretty excited about it.

Let me know what everyone's gonna be doing, okay?

I invited some of the guy Trainers along that I've talked with since I got here, not including James; neither one of you can say that I didn't!

(OOC: First strike locked to Yuka; second strike locked to Melody & Yuka.)
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