Ash Ketchum (pallet_townhero) wrote,
Ash Ketchum

PokeLog 17: The Chosen One Under The Mistletoe...! (Accidental Audio)


...Ever since that 'special day,' it's been running through your mind for weeks! Why not admit it to yourself?

'Cause that was when I was affected by a virus! It's not gonna happen again!

Unless it's with your girlfriend. But, you've gotta admit-her mistletoe's got the right idea!


Yeah! But, instead of going with that blond girl, since it sounds like her brother will kill you if you tried anything else, try that Zoey chick you know. She seems reaaaaaaally capable of handling whatever you can-!

You're CRAZY! Zoey and I are just friends, not to mention she's still thinking hard about how she feels toward Dawn!

That's IT! What about Dawn? She'll need someone to comfort her when Zoey leaves her hanging, and you could be that guy!

...Now I know you've lost it! Dawn doesn't see me in that way at all! Besides, Dawn and Zoey are still gonna be friends no matter what happens.

That's what you say. Alright-what about either Misty or May, or even that Melody girl?

...Neither Misty or May are here! And it's a good thing too, 'cause I think they'd tear you to pieces if they heard this!

And, what about Melody? I'm serious, Ketchum-a threesome's the way to go...! (suddenly screams as it's hit with a gigantic Baby Flame attack)

...Thanks, Charizard. Now, where's a decent place for us to move to that won't have any mistletoe?

No problem. And I thought that 'gentle' Charizard back at the Valley was annoying...!
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