Ash Ketchum (pallet_townhero) wrote,
Ash Ketchum

PokeLog 18: The Chosen...Three?! (Accidental Audio)

...I think we need to stay away from certain people for a while! As long as you guys are wearing my clothes!

Pikachu...! Really, Ash? What makes you say that?

Charizard...! ...Do you have to ask a question with such an obvious answer, Pikachu?!

Yeah, I do Charizard! Ash shouldn't have to avoid his friends! They won't mind that this has happened to us; it's happened to everyone else, right?

Calm down, you two...! We'll figure something out! I'm suddenly glad they can't use their attacks on each other-WHOA!! (loud thud is heard as Ash is thrown into nearby wall by Charizard since he can't use his main attack)

Guess that Charizard's still got his regular strength even if he can't use Flamethrower...or Baby Flame...!

Oh, Ash...!
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