Ash Ketchum (pallet_townhero) wrote,
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PokeLog 19: No Need To Worry...Ash Didn't Forget! (Locked to Dawn)

Hey, Dawn...! Someone I know's got a birthday today, right? So, from one Trainer to a Coordinator, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Dawn...!

Let me know if you wanna do anything tomorrow for your anniversary! Pikachu's up for anything that doesn't involve Team Rocket!
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...You kept this?! Thanks, Ash~!

Sure; you can stop on by and check out the Training room at the Hinata Inn! Piplup's up for anything too! ^^
Of course; I wouldn't lose something as important as that! 'Course, I had to make a copy of it...! No problem, Dawn!

Alright, then-Pikachu, Charizard & I are there!