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Character name: Ash Ketchum
Fandom: Pokémon (anime)
Timeline: Best Wishes saga, following episode 18
Age: 10 (should REALLY be around 15, 16 years old...!)
~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths: Ash has no actual abilities himself, unless you consider his connection of aura that he shares with a Riolu, but Ash's Pokemon are quite powerful in their own right though considering most of the ones he actually has on him haven't quite reached their full potential yet he is still determined to train them and get stronger alongside them.

Pikachu: Ash's most powerful Pokemon and his partner, with at least 4 more commonly used attacks since the Hoenn and Sinnoh regions - Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Iron Tail and Volt Tackle. (Volt Tackle will cause Pikachu a bit of damage.) As discovered during Ash's Sinnoh journey, Pikachu has the Static ability; if Pikachu's hit via physical contact, his opponent will be Paralyzed. (Pikachu has also improvised his own moves via Ash's commands as well as in intensive training-combining Volt Tackle with Iron Tail to create Volt Tail while facing Latios in the Lily of the Valley Conference Semifinals, Spin which Ash had learned while watching Dawn and Piplup perform for Contests to help dodge attacks, Counter Shield which Pikachu does while utilizing Thunderbolt and Hydro Volt Tackle where Pikachu and Piplup combine their Hydro Pump and Volt Tackle moves.)

Oshawott/Mijumaru: One of the starter Pokemon found in the Unova region, and Ash's second capture overall. He can use Water Gun, Tackle, Razor Shell-which can also be used to deflect attacks-and Aqua Jet.

Pidove/Mamepato: The first Pokemon Ash caught in the Unova region. She can use Gust, Quick Attack, and Air Cutter; she also has the ability called Super Luck which will allow her to land a critical hit during battle twice as often as normal.

Snivy/Tsutarja: The fourth Pokemon Ash caught in the Unova region only after he'd shown her not only his skill, but his determination for his Pokemon and exceptional spirit. (She's also one of the starter Pokemon found in Unova.) As she is very talented, skillful and has a high level of compentency, Snivy wouldn't let Ash catch her until he had proven himself. (She left her last Trainer because of these same reasons.) Her attacks are Attract, which will only work on males, Leaf Storm, Vine Whip and Leaf Blade.

Tepig/Pokabu: The third Pokemon Ash caught in Unova, and the last of the starter Pokemon. He currently knows Ember, Tackle and Flame Charge.

Sewaddle/Kurumiru: The sixth Pokemon Ash caught in Unova after gaining and earning it's trust, but as he already had a Pokemon egg which had hatched to give Ash a full party of six it was his seventh one overall. It currently knows String Shot, Razor Leaf and Bug Bite.

How would they use their abilities?: To protect the ones they care for the most, which would be Ash and his friends-though Ash would undoubtedly ensure that his Pokemon were safe above anything else. They'll also train themselves to get stronger and learn new abilities which could lead to evolution - Pikachu however, refuses to Evolve and can't without the use of a Thunder Stone.

Appearance: No matter how many times he changes clothes, Ash seems to wear a hat along with a shirt, jacket, gloves, shoes and pants. His eyes are brown, his hair is colored black and he pretty much leaves it as is even after he's woken up, much to Dawn's chagrin. Naturally Ash also wears a backpack to carry various items in such as his Misty lure, some souvenirs he's gotten from Sinnoh and one half of the Terracotta Ribbon that he shares with May.

Background/Personality: Ash is caring and valiant as a trainer and a friend, but his confidence at times borders close to arrogance; he's also stubborn and has quite the reckless streak. However, when he's in a Pokémon battle he's highly focused, believes in his Pokémon no matter what, and occasionally manages to take advantage of the surrounding field/situation in favor of his Pokémon.

He's matured greatly and improved his abilities as a trainer, but his earnestness and determination to reach his goal remains the same as it's been since the beginning of his journey. However, he's still a little bit naïve regarding certain issues - be it a Pokémon's gender, or the fact that a girl might have feelings for him like the 6th Frontier Brain Anabel back during the Battle Frontier saga, or Angie during his Sinnoh journey.

Rarely does Ash ever show that he has a sensitive side, or shed tears, but when he has to decide on letting one of his Pokémon go free into the wild, or leaving them behind at a remote location to pursue their own dreams, he tries to do what's right for the Pokémon that have become like a part of his family; Charizard was just such an example, and while Ash didn't want his most trusted friend - who had obeyed him up until he evolved into Charmeleon and again to Charizard; only after Ash cared for Charizard in the Orange Islands did the Fire-type remember how much Ash loved him - to leave, he wanted what was best for Charizard. (Pikachu was the one exception, since he chose to remain with Ash rather than stay with a herd of wild Pikachu.) He's also cried when it comes to the 11th Pokémon movie, when he had to say goodbye to Shaymin and in the recent movie when Zoroark nearly died protecting her child Zorua.

Speaking of showing sides to one's self, Ash does and can get angry. He's argued with Misty so many times, whenever it happened it was always funny! He even argued quite a number of times with May in the Hoenn region, as well as a few times with her brother Max. Not to mention, he's even argued with Dawn during his journey through Sinnoh! And recently he's argued quite a few times with Iris in the Unova/Isshu region. However, no matter who Ash seems to be quarreling with, be it Misty, May or Dawn, Brock ends up being the mediator for their spats more often than not. (When it comes to Iris however, Cilan has somewhat managed to get the two to calm down.) He's also been quite jealous and competitive against his rivals Gary, Paul and Trip/Shooti.

At the age of 10, Ash Ketchum started his journey from his hometown of Pallet as a Pokémon trainer with a Pikachu instead of one of the standard 3 - those being Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle; he would instead capture these Pokémon at key moments on his journey. On the first day of his journey Ash would meet Misty after he and Pikachu were literally fished out of the water, a Water Pokémon trainer from Cerulean City who, along with Brock from Pewter City, would each become his close friends. His desire is to one day become a Pokémon Master.

Misty and Brock weren't the only ones Ash had known since the beginning of his journey. He also knew Gary Oak, grandson of the famous Professor Oak, since they were younger; both were friends but that friendship turned into a rivalry on the day both had tied when it came to pulling apart a tiny Pokéball lure while they were fishing. Their rivalry continued until the day Ash had finally defeated Gary in the Johto League Championship, his Charizard taking down Gary's Blastoise with Seismic Toss.

When it comes to Ash's mother Delia Ketchum, she's always there to greet her son when he comes home after a long, arduous journey from one of the regions beyond Kanto; when he's ready to leave again, she'll either give him some motherly advice about being safe, not forgetting to change his underwear or - recently - some new clothes. (When Delia met Johanna, Dawn's mother, she informed her that it would be okay if she had to scold Ash while he was in Twinleaf Town.)

Ash also has his share of mentors or people that he looks up to, Professor Oak being at the top of the list. (He was the one who gave him Pikachu, after all.) And since his journey began he's taken care of all the Pokémon that have arrived at his laboratory, Ash's Pokémon being a humongous part of that job. Another person that Ash looks up to is Pokémon Ranger Jackie, who looked after the Pokémon known as Manaphy.

Ash's close friends include more than Misty, Brock and Gary; when Ash and Misty were in the Orange Islands they met Tracey, a Pokémon Watcher who sketches Pokemon in their natural habitat. He's currently Professor Oak's assistant and helps him in his lab.

When starting his journey in the Hoenn region, Ash met aspiring Pokémon Coordinator May and her brother Max - specifically, Ash met Max at the Petalburg Gym where their father is the Gym Leader. The three of them - and Brock - remained together throughout the Hoenn region, separated for a time and reunited in Kanto to start another journey - Ash to conquer the Battle Frontier, May to win at the Kanto Grand Festival - until they all parted ways following a Contest in Terracotta Town with Ash and May tying for first: Ash going to the Sinnoh region, May heading to the Johto region, Max returning to Petalburg in Hoenn to receive his first Pokémon and Brock heading back home to Pewter City.

Once Ash arrived to the Sinnoh region he was eventually reunited with Brock and they met Dawn, another Pokémon Coordinator who aspires to be a Top Coordinator like her mother. The three of them have since remained together on their journey throughout Sinnoh, meeting various trainers and encountering dangerous obstacles while acquiring the necessary Badges/Ribbons they needed to compete - Dawn finishing in 2nd place at the Grand Festival and Ash finally finishing in the Top 4 for the first time ever - until they parted ways following the Sinnoh League; Dawn remained in Sinnoh for a time until she went to the Hoenn region to compete in Contests, Ash and Brock returning to Kanto and parting ways once arriving-Brock to start studying to become a Pokémon Doctor, and Ash to eventually go on vacation to the Unova region before deciding to conquer the Unova League.

After having an electrifying first day in the newly unexplored region involving a Legendary Pokémon and meeting a new trainer who would become his rival, Ash and Pikachu met Iris - with Ash accidentally mistaking her for a Pokémon named Kibago/Axew since said Pokémon was hiding in her hair! Once the pair arrived at the first Gym, Ash barely managed to win against the 3 Gym Leaders - one of them being a Pokémon Sommelier named Cilan - and he joined with Ash and Iris on their journey.

Ash has had more than just one rival in Gary. Ritchie, who Ash considers a very good friend, has the same ambition that he has and the last time they faced each other was in the Indigo Pokémon League. The battle was very close, but Ritchie was able to win because Charizard went to sleep, deciding it wasn't worth his while to face Ritchie's Pikachu Sparky. (They've since met up once more, while Ash was in the Hoenn region.) Ash didn't have a rival at all during his journey through Hoenn but in Sinnoh, Paul was one of Ash's most fiercest rivals yet - both treat their Pokémon very differently. Whereas Ash cares for and treats his Pokémon like family inside and outside of battle Paul takes a more direct approach to his Pokémon's training, not caring for their well-being and insisting they continue battling despite their eventual injuries. Ash finally defeated Paul during the Quarterfinals of the Lily of the Valley Conference, where Infernape-formerly owned by Paul as Chimchar until he let him go; Ash immediately accepted the Fire-type as part of his team-defeated Electivire. Paul finally acknowledged Ash as a good trainer following that battle and only stayed long enough to watch Ash compete in the Semifinals. (He also had to contend with Barry, another resident of Twinleaf Town like Dawn and had a battle with Coordinator Kenny-also a Twinleaf resident-after the Grand Festival that he lost, Conway and Coordinator/Trainer Nando. While he was able to defeat his opponents, they weren't all easy battles by any means.)

Recently, Ash's latest rival in the Unova/Isshu region is a beginning Pokémon trainer named Trip; he considers Ash a 'country bumpkin' since he's from the Kanto region and defeated Pikachu in Ash's first-ever battle in the aforementioned region! They've only faced off once more since, with Trip coming out the winner once again. Yet Ash's determination hasn't wavered since.

With at least two Badges from the Unova region under Ash's belt, his adventure continues.

Why should that character be in this game: N/A

Why do you want to continue their history here: N/A

For applicants considering an alternate version of a character already in game, please use this as your chance to explain the key differences between your character and the one already in play: N/A

Have you read up on how the game works?: Yeah - the journal plug-in's the Flaming Ferret, and Ash will get a little bit of money to start off. If he wants more, he'll actually have to either get a job, take on missions, mooch or steal. (Knowing him, he's more likely to take on a mission.)

1st person sample: ...I don't think that looks like a Magikarp, and it definitely doesn't look like a Feebas. But it's gotta be some kind of Pokémon! Pikachu, Thunderbolt! (Cue Thunderbolt...which shocks Ash as well as anyone else nearby! It takes him about 5-8 seconds to recover.)

...Okay, how about Iron Tail? (Sudden Iron Tail sends the fish flying - right into Ash's mouth! He screams loudly, muffled as the fish is trying to escape before he pulls it out and receives a face full of tail.)

Man, I wish Brock was here to cook something! Or even Cilan. (Pikachu nods in agreement.) Still, this isn't gonna stop us from pursuing our dreams-right, Pikachu?

(Pikachu nods as he hops onto Ash's shoulder...only to fly right to the ground face first as Oshawott appears from his Pokéball and takes over the shoulder for himself!) Aww, Oshawott! I've GOT another shoulder, you know!

3rd person sample: He was trying not to be upset, was impossible for him to comprehend! In Ash's mind, it hadn't been that long since he had captured his seventh Pokémon with Iris and Cilan by his side! And now...everyone and everything he knew was gone completely.

Sure, he still had Pikachu and the rest of his Unova party but...what about the one Pokémon he'd left with the Professor, and all of his other Pokémon back at Professor Oak's...Squirtle with his squad, Charizard at the Charicific valley...?

What about his Mom, Misty, May, Max, Brock, Gary, Tracey, Paul...and Dawn? Were they truly gone, like the rest of his world?

"We'll get through this somehow, Pikachu...!" he quietly vowed, eyes hidden beneath the brim of his hat as he tried not to cry. He was a Pokémon trainer, and they've been through worse than this!

Questions?: Nope!
Did you put your characters name and fandom in the subject: Definitely!
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